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First MBM blog post

Hi all welcome to my first ever Blog post! How exciting. I have always wanted to start a blog!

I am a freelance MUA looking to develop my career in the Film, TV and Theatre Industry. I started being officially freelance when I had finished a full time course at #DFMA. I thought I would create a blog and take you with me on my long journey to hopefully succeeding in this industry, through the bad and the good times I promise to update.

This will be a very honest blog with hints tips and anything I feel you may find useful whether your a fellow MUA starting out, in another field or if you just like a good nosy.

I will warn you I am dyslexic but hopefully auto correct will pull me through. I type how I speak so if this is not your style of reading I apologise. Hope you will carry on following me on this life long journey. :)

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